Asabagna, this is great! I just called my daughter in to show her the immense growth of the Afrosphere/AfroSpear in just the last two weeks!

And I described to her the artistic and conceptual development of the Afrosphere, some of which she already knows because I had to rely on her CorelDraw skills.

Take the Afrosphere logo above, for example. You proposed it in what I take to be a kind of divine vision. It was immediately adopted by me and Exodus Mentality, pretty much on the same day or two. When you first used the spear it was tall and vertical, which didn’t fit into my cramped layout over at the Francis L. Holland Blog.  So, I had to “import” it into Corel Draw and change it to a square logo. 

Once I had the square logo, it seemed logical to write “AfroSpear” on it, so that people would understand the relationship identity relationship between the logo you (Asabagna) developed and the name you gave it. So, I made those modifications and began using it at my blog. And now, to my absolute ecstatic delight, you’ve found it useful to that way and have adopted it above, square with a caption.

What is marvelous about this is that we are working as a virtual think-tank, with each of our computers being like a little cubicle in an enormous building full of beautiful, creative and  dilligent minds. I told my wife and daughter that the Afrosphere is like a sandwhich for which you provided the bread, I suggested and added some grapes, Exodus Mentality convinced me that we all needed to settle upon one name . . .

I’ve realized that what others of you told me is true: The Blackosphere is everyone who is Black and on the Internet whether or not we have anything in common besides out skin-color. On the other hand, the Afrosphere is a voluntary agglomeration of blogs, based on commonality of interests that are more important than our differences. Or, at least our differences are not enough to divide us in light of all of the compelling reasons we have to join forces and delight in our unity.

For the reasons you expressed above, we simply cannot afford the dubious “luxury” of laboring in isolation when there is so much that we only accomplish by surviving and thriving in unity.

There is absolutely no way that people with a principally capitalist and greedy mindset could ever collaborate so rapidly and thoroughly on a project so complex. The Afrosphere is like a sandwich that we can all make and partake of together. The more we make and partake, the bigger and better it gets. It’s really delicious!