What is is with brothers named Thomas? I mean there must be some type of divine crystal ball at work here. Trust me, the irony isn’t lost on me that both Clarence Thomas, and Thomas Sowell, are….how do I say this; firmly in the Tom camp. These two brothers are embraced by the conservative movement, which doesn’t automatically qualify them as Toms. But then I stumble across some of the writings by Sowell-who is clearly regarded as the more intellectual of the two-I really have to wonder. Honestly, Mr. Sowell, have you lost your mind? I mean did you really say this in Capitalism Magazine? “Minimum wages in South Africa have been set higher than the productivity of many workers, so employers have no incentive to hire those workers…”

Sir, I know you are a die in the wool capitalist, but I think the poor workers in South Africa have the right to a living wage and an income to take care of their basic every day needs. Your type of thinking is what allowed the British to pay their colonies little or nothing for sugar cane, banana, and bauxite, thus creating poor Third World countries throughout the West Indies.

For you to suggest that you can minimize the productivity of these hard working people merely by giving them lower wages is absurd. If the capitalist in South Africa want to do the right thing, they will take a small hit on their bottom line for the greater good of the country. The last time I checked the crime rate in South Africa was spiralling out of control. Unfortunately, this is what happens when families are not given a decent wage for a days work. They turn to stealing and other nefarious activities to make a quick buck.

You try to suggest that the high minimum wage is why unemployment is so high in that country. That’s hog wash and you know it. I submit to you that the unemployment is high because the minimum wage isn’t high enough. Your supply side hog- wash may fly here in the good old United States, where we have a very strong middle class and jobs galore. But I guarantee you Thomas, it will never fly in a country as poor as South Africa. Too much poverty, and years of oppression under a racist regime. You do remember that don’t you? It was called Apartheid, and it was meant to keep people that looked like you from achieving economic or political power. How is that for irony? What a wonderful world we live in huh Thomas. Just be thankful you were born in the house Thomas, and not the mean fields of Soweto.