Being black in America, being black anywhere is like swimming amongst piranhas while bound to an anvil. Some of us learn to swim these waters and stay intact simultaneously.  The miracles that black people are capable of.

I’m from DC originally. I go by a few aliases: TheFreeSlave, MaxJulian, Lubangakene. Who I really am is a black man in the process of becoming. Human. Caring. Feeling. Awake. We re-learn these human attributes all while in a culture that make us things, beasts of burden, walking dead.  Resistance to the system of Racism/White Supremacy begins here, in our minds.

I’m a writer, videographer by training, though much more by serendipity. I’ve been able to see parts of the world that I’d never dreamed of seeing: South Africa, Brazil, France, the Netherlands. There is a Higher Power.

I got into the blogging game back in late 2004 as a result of feeling locked out of opportunities to write truthfully in Portland, OR.   Where can one write truthfully in a den of thieves?  Thus, TheFreeSlave was born of resistance, defiance, rage, hope.

I’m forty something, so I’m a child of the sixties. At the same time, in order to actually live, I’ve found it essential to keep engaging with culture and youth. I have to continously look at the “underneath” in order to figure out what is going on.  So, I listen to some hip hop and enjoy some of it, too. Mos Def’s “Black On Both Sides.” Nas’ “Illmatic.” Tribe Called Quest’s “Midnight Mauraders.” Tupac’s “Me Against The World.” I’m a huge jazz fan, though, of Miles, Charles Mingus, Bobby Hutcherson, Shirley Horn, Billie, Holiday.

Some of my other s/heroes are Malcolm, Martin, Huey, Angela Davis, Ralph Ellison, Baldwin, bell hooks, Marimba Ani, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Ali, my grandfather.

These people are spiritual nutrients. I can return to them and be lifted out of a funk, be inspired to do more, push harder/back off, change, grow, help, extend myself in ways that I may not want to.

Hopefully, our AfroSpear page will inspire some of you, provide a place where you can feel at home, see a reflection of yourself, get support, drop and gain knowledge. Maybe it will be a place where you can “Drop the Rock” as some in recovery call letting go of the disease of addiction. Many of us are addicted to to our condition or our adaptation to our condition. Some of us can’t tell the difference between who we really are and what we’ve become. I pray that we all learn to tell the difference.

Let’s Get Free!