“Ain’t nobody worryin, when the shots fly high and the sirens start to ring, ain’t nobody worryin, when the kids die young mothers are suffering, ain’t nobody praying, when they neal down low all they doin is tyin their shoe strings ‘

~~Anthony Hamilton- Aint Nobody Worryin~~

True confessions; I am not a very religious person. The bible says: “If you can believe,all things are possible to him who believeth” Mark 9:23. Maybe that’s my problem, I don’t have enough faith, and so I can’t readily believe in things. If I don’t see it I don’t believe it. I should have been born in Missouri, the “Show Me State”.

So I am thinking about this African Diaspora that us black folks often talk about and what it will truly take to bring us together and make us understand our common bonds. I mean just what or who makes up the Diaspora? And do some people of African decent even want to be a part of it? Honestly, I doubt it, which to me, is what makes the call to truly unite African peoples around the globe so daunting and such a huge challenge.

I am looking at the post by Sylvia on this blog, sharing Bronze Trinity’s great ideas to move the African Diaspora forward in a positive way, and I am almost saddened by my thoughts.* I mean I agree with her 100% and all her ideas are great ones. But how many of us will heed her call and try to implement even a small percentage of the ideas that she and other well meaning black folks out here have put forward? I dare say not very many. If only 10% of the African Diaspora would try to come together and think about putting forth some of these ideas or race would be so much farther along.

But here is the problem: And as someone who tends to call sh… (Whoops I almost cursed in the “Spear”, and I have vowed not to do that out of the tremendous respect that I have for my fellow bloggers in this circle and in the Spear family. Honestly, cursing is a bad habit that I have developed due in part to my various frustrations when speaking truth to power and writing in the wind) So anway, I call it as I see it, and as I see it right now, the rest of us in the African Diaspora ain’t doing too much worrying or caring right about now about the collective. Especially those of us in the West who are too busy enjoying our material accumulations or chasing after it, to worry about the plight of black people as a whole.

That mindset and that selfish adaptation of western values and culture, is what continues to frustrate me about our race and our people. I have written about these frustrations before, and in this Afro Spear family I have found like minded people with similar goals and aspirations for our race; but who, like me, seem to be becoming more frustrated with each passing day. I have often struggled with the purpose of this very site that I find myself loving so much, but then I wonder damn near every day; what’s the point? I read the well thought out and written posts, as well as the reasoned and insightful responses, and I say; well maybe, just maybe there is hope after all that a light will come on, and us black folks will wake up out of this scary state that we find ourselves in.

But I doubt it. (There is that lack of faith again) Sorry, I just don’t see it. Not when all the crap that’s going on now is still not jarring us out of our malaise. It’s been too long, and I have seen too much to think that our people will ever get our stuff together in my lifetime. But who knows, maybe with more people coming together like we have done here, and more consciousness and concern for the African Diasporea[sic] (I left one for Johnston) springing up all over the world, things will change. But until it does, I will keep writing, keep fighting, and hoping that one day I will have as much faith as the rest of you.


*Had to edit that, brother, to give credit where it’s due. –S