One of my favorite bloggers is my “Circle” sister Aulelia. On her blog page, Charcoal Ink, she consistently drops thought provoking posts on sensitive issues. Her latest post is on abortion: The “A” Question: What Does Abortion Mean? Now although I don’t totally agree with her opinions on this issue, she asks some very hard hitting questions: “One controversial question is do men have a say when it comes to abortion? What would happen if a woman wanted to have an abortion and her boyfriend did not want her to? It is a grey area however I am adamant that her choice in this case overrules his because he cannot force her to go through with it…or can he?”

I have contemplated doing a series of posts here dealing with what I refer to as Life Issues, focusing on discussing issues relating to abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia, marriage, personal responsibility and accountability, corporal punishment of children etc. Aulelia’s post got me thinking on the question of when does life begin? This is the issue that intrigues me most on the question of abortion. And depending on one’s answer to this, what impact or influence… if any… does it have on one’s opinion on this subject? 

My own belief is that life begins at conception. My comment on Aulelia’s post in this regard was this:

My wife and I are expecting our first child. We have attended 2 ultrasounds and seen the development of our unborn child. We heard it’s heart beat. We saw the images of it’s heart, lungs, brain, stomach, legs, arms and cranium. During the second ultrasound, we saw the baby awake, stretch and drink ambiotic fluid for breakfast. I feel it move in my wife’s stomach and when I press against it, it presses back. How do you dehumanize a living unborn human being? Refer to it as a “fetus” or “a collection of cells”.

It is my belief that there is no more helpless human being than an unborn child. However, during any discussion/debate on abortion, very rarely does the “right to life” issue for the unborn child enters the discourse. The unborn child doesn’t have it’s own voice to advocate for it’s position on whether it wants to live or die.  The discussion/debate usually centers around the rights of the woman, or father, or the impact of the opinions/values of society regarding abortion. 

I am interested in what you all think on this issue.