…to the AfroSpear Nation blogroll.

First, there’s Dallas South Blog, ran by Shawn P. Williams.  I first learned of his blog through the ShaQuanda Cotton situation, and I haven’t stopped reading since.  Great brother who runs a great blog, and he’s celebrating the one year anniversary of running it.  Please give him a warm welcome and check him out.  Perhaps a good place to start is his rundown of the top ten blog posts he’s done (he’s spotlighted 7 so far).  10 and 9, 8 and 7, 6, 5, and 4.

Next, I’d like to welcome Black Amazon’s Having Read the Fine Print to the blogroll.  She and I are more alike than unlike — we’ve faced some terrible and some wonderful times together as relatively young black female voices in the blogosphere.  But she writes with a style and passion I could never claim to have, and she delivers some incisive commentary on topics like black women and feminism, media representation, the limitations of empowerment — she’s an absolute joy to read because she doesn’t bother with bullshit.  Check out this recent post — it’s about Michelle Obama, Debra Dickerson’s take on Michelle Obama and a recent (and irritating) Village Voice piece on black men’s magazines, and her rundown about how the assault on black womanhood takes many forms and attacks on many fronts.

Last but most definitely not least, I welcome Dr. Elle at Elle, Ph.D. to the blogroll.  I always make it a point to call her Dr. Elle because she’s traveled a long way, baby, and you can’t knock that determination to push on to the doctorate level.  (Especially since society enjoys portraying black Americans as uneducated/undereducated criminals and loafs.)  She’s a doctor of history — a sistorian, if you will.  Her focus was on women of color in the labor movement, particularly African-American women.  All I know is the sister better get to publishing soon.  :-p  She wrote a recent discussion post about the Jena Six because the situation hits close to her homefront; go check it out.  Dr. Elle’s also been instrumental in helping me find out information about the grassroots and media effort related to Jena, LA.

So please give all these bloggers a warm welcome and check out their digs.  I can tell you that it’s a pleasure interacting and sharing a blogosphere with all three of them.