Justice in Jena:

Something beyond petitions and phone calls to corrupt, poli-tricksters is necessary to prevent the racists in Lu’siana from doing what they are in fact, DOING, to our people right now in Jena. Maybe its time for the AfroSpear to be raised in defense of our people and levelled at our enemy. We need and want justice. Justice for Jena! Justice for New Orleans! Justice for Black People!!!

There is one caveat: They don’t they don’t give it away. The only way to get justice, is to take it. Are we willing to take the justice that is ours?

We need to go to Jena, Louisiana, by the carload, by the busload – AND NOT LEAVE – until our people are free. We need to let these people know that they can’t do this to us. Not anymore. And we need to organize ourselves to go wherever, BE wherever we need to be in order to ensure that we get our rights – until we’re disconnected from this damnable system.
Yes, we need to pay attention to Darfur, Iraq, maintain that good global perspective. Additionally, having an online presence, “connectivity” and alladat is righteously good shit…However, if they can railroad Mychal Bell and the other members of the Jena 6 right here in the US of A, what are we are we doing on the real?!  We need to flex some homegrown power at home, damnit!

To me, we have to find a way to establish a strong, huge presence, organize a nouveau ‘Freedom Rides for the 21st Century.’  We need to show up with our bodies.  Can we do it is the question.  Can we?

I know for many of us this is difficult, if not impossible. We have jobs, children, bills, responsibilities. I know I do. Still, its important, perhaps even critical, that in this moment and through this unconscionable event, a spark be lit for us that elevates our nascent activity to a plane beyond mere words. To movement and collective action.

Who wants to go to Jena?