Preface: The Bailey murder is being investigated and currently the police think it was an assasination. This has not been proved but judging from what I have read and since they have now got the shooter, it is looking likely. So I am writing this post from that standpoint.  

This story I am sure many people have heard of. It made the world headlines. I did a post on it on my blog but I have been thinking about it so much. This man lost his life because he wanted to write an article supposedly about how the a black muslim bakery in the United States was having financial troubles. A young black man pulled the trigger. Just killed that journalist and a father, husband was just extinguished. Anger aside, I just need to know, why do our people feel the need to silence their own?

I thought countries in the West like the US prattled on and on about a free press and freedom of speech. Now, our own people are acting like idiots, assasinating people. What the hell is going on? My country does not have a good record with journalists either. The former president Benjamin Mkapa shut down this iconic comic strip newspaper in Tanzania called Sanifu. It was militant and just one of those amazing pieces of Swahili graphic literature that ridiculed political leaders whilst showing the plight of ordinary people. The Gambia apparently has a horrible record with journalists too. We can only imagine what it must be like in Zimbabwe. If the opposition leader Tsvangirai is beaten, what would happen to journalists who refuse to write what the government tells them?

Edit: Just as I finished this post, I headed over to ConcreteLoop for my usual gossip reading. I was deeply saddened to see the murders of 3 young black college hopefuls in a school yard in Newark, United States. 1 person survived and she is in fair condition in the hospital.  it is heartbreaking. The Bailey murder and now this. What is going to happen to black people in the future? Apparently, it was done in an execution style murder. I just can’t fathom why. I am in shock.

Now, what is going to happen with the ‘no-snitching’ rule? If I see Cam’ron opening his mouth about no one saying anything, he should be afrospear’d.