Welcome to Afrospear’s first Blog Carnival. I would like to thank those who participated. If you have any ideas for future Carnival topics, let us know.

EJDoshoi discusses the need for diversity in education in her essay: “Let Me Be Diverse”  

Victor at Ensayn Reality provides an insight into how the current “reactionary” form of teaching and propaganda lies at the basis of our “mis-education”. The mind is the new battleround.  

Asabagna shares what he believes to be 3 aspects which reflects our “mis-education” today, utilizing a case study.        

Here are 2 essays from The African Executive which looks at the issues surrounding higher education in Africa:

  1. How Relevant is Education in Africa? 
  2. Public Higher Education in Crisis

A late addition from brotherpeacemaker but well worth the read. The title of the post says it all: The European Hand That Rocks The African Cradle