Dear Color of Change and Afrospear Kinfolk:

Today, Howard Witt of the Chicago Tribune e-mailed me for a quote confirming that AfroSpear involvement in the September 20 Jena Six Justice March goes on as planned, even though charges have been dropped against one of the six (15%) of the Jena Six defendants

I e-mailed back and left a message on his cell-phone, confirming our collective determination, including the AfroSpear and ColorOfChange.Org (press release), that the March will go on determinedly as planned. 

We will insist that ALL ADULT AND JUVENILE CHARGES AGAINST ALL 6 DEFENDANTS  be dropped now and foreclosed for the future, and that de jure and de facto segregation be ended at Jena High School.

“Afrosphere bloggers and our audiences will continue to assert our role as forceful advocates of equal justice for Blacks in the American justice system.”

Thankfully, Howard Witt’s article of today conveys our redoubled determination to march on Jena on September 20, with today’s incomplete but very encouraging partial victory.


Francis L. Holland, Esq.
The Francis L. Holland AfroSpear Blog.