Religion as we in the West know and practice it is an outgrowth of imperialism. Careful study of Marimba Ani‘s masterwork, “Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior,” makes it clear that the intention and proselytizing usage of European religion was for control and conquest of other peoples. The diasporic African’s attachment to the European’s religion is at best problematic.

Or is it?

How does our God-consciousness, filtered through an alien religion, shackle us?

Can our spiritual/religious beliefs flower within such a context? Can those beliefs and practices empower us?

What about the religious practices that some adopt/adapt from the Motherland, such as Candomble in Brazil, Haitian Voodoo? Do these provide a liberatory experience for the practitioner that counters the racist offerings of BIG religion?

Is the white man’s religion a positive or negative force, ultimately, in the lives of African peoples in the diaspora?

Is it possible to adopt/adapt the religions and religious practices of an oppresor who has used religion throughout history to conquer the minds and bodies of his targets/victims – to positive affect?

Writers, thinkers, believers and non-believers are invited to share their thoughts and feelings on this thorny topic.

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