Hello Everyone and welcome to the Second AfroSpear Carnival on Religion.

Two brave souls so far have dipped into this subject with honesty and clarity.

First, Femigog @Sable Eklectik lets loose with righteous truth in “Carnival of Faith.”

Then, we have DJ Black Adam in counterpoint to Femigog, providing his analysis with “Is Christianity the White Man’s Religion?”

The AfroSpear is a diverse Universe. These are but two opinions among many. We look forward to hearing far more, as well as a frank discussion of whether or not religion – including Islam, etc – can be part of liberatory process for our people.


Ensayn dissects the roots of what we refer as Christianity in “Krst root of Christ.”

Asabagna reflects on “What Really Matters” in regards to religion and negritude.

The Freeslave rambles on “Religion: What is it good for?” 

brotherpeacemaker enlists the Borg collective for an assimilationist perspective of religion in “Resistance is futile”