“Great topic – but to be honest…this takes some time to think about…you know, to try to formulate your thoughts correctly.”

This was a comment left on my blog page in response to the December Carnival topic. Does it take that much effort to think about something positive…. to share what we are thankful for and hopeful of? And is this effort and time worth expending? Well it appears the answer is a resounding “yes” and “no” respectively, as only one person submitted a post…. and it wasn’t the commentator above. But here is mine since I choose to end the year on a positive note.

There are 2 things that I want to share that I am thankful for in 2007. One of course is the birth of my son. I was told by many people that my life would change. Intellectually I thought I understood… but I didn’t realize how much of a change. I love him so much. I cannot think of my life without him in it. My priorities, values and beliefs have all shifted…. for the better no doubt.

The second is the formation of the this Afrospear Think Tank page. The collective comprising of the original six started out strong with vision, energy and great ideas. It was ground-breaking in how it galvanized the Afrosphere and Blackosphere. It was unique in it’s attempt to bring together a variety of Afrocentric voices from different countries and continents. It is disappointing that the voices have dissipated…. have gone silent. I thank and commend Adrianne for keeping my hope alive by regularly contributing to this page. I am also thankful for Francis Holland, AAPP, Mark and Bronze Trinity who worked and struggled through the ups and downs to expand the scope of the vision and brought substance to the ideas. This leads into what I am hopeful for…..

I am hopeful that this page will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. Some others will catch the vision and see the value of contributing to this collective effort.

I am also hopeful that we as people of African descent will move towards emotional and intellectual healing and clarity…. and subsequently create our own ideologies. Not based on a reflection from the opaque and broken mirror of Eurocenric values, judging others based on religious and political beliefs, as well as their materialistic and social status. I am hopeful that we will create ideologies based on integrity, accountablility, resposibility and respect. We will be an example of the beneficial returns of listening intently to those who may disagree with our beliefs and have different values…. so that we can learn through humility (and to be humble).

I am finally both thankful and hopeful because of Anika at Writeblack who took the time and effort to share the five books she is thankful to have read and why (click here).