Are you taking part in the cultural lapdance called the presidential campaign of ’08?

Are you voting for the evil of two lessers, again?!

I’d like to know where you stand on the issue of political participation and black liberation.

Are you a Democrat? A Republican? A Green Party member? Are you an anarchist, or are you a prospective candidate for membership in the Black Independent Party that is languishing, pining for that first signature on its petition?

Do you truly believe that justice can be wrung from this system – that oppresses us here and our brothers and sisters over there – ‘if only we vote more wisely, more strategically, more numerically? (This, in spite of the evidence that electronic, paper-less voting machines can accomplish now, what Bull Connor couldn’t, and without the Alpo)

If you do believe in miracles and fairytales, why? Please explain yourself, here, for me, for us, for the diaspora. Please help me understand my wrongheaded cynicism. And if you don’t believe in ‘Politics as the Overground Railroad,’ can you answer Martin’s question:

Where do we go from here?