Greetings of Love Afrospear Universe!

Truly it was a labor of love getting me hooked into this forward-thinking Think Tank.  Asabagna is the MAN!  I started blogging last June 2007.  I was awaiting federal sentencing for a crime I committed back in 2001-03.  I am a white collar felon.  This alone ought to raise some eyebrows–ok maybe not.  I am the mother of 4 children we adopted from foster care.  I was elected to public office twice.  I used to teach on the college level.  I worked in entertainment public relations in NYC.  Did I mention I am getting divorced(SIGH).  Blogging was a way to release stress–it was certainly cheaper than therapy–I blog my soul over at Lovebabz: A Life in Transition.  As I was tooting around the blogosphere I came across blogs that were really hitting on issues that I was interested in.  I was amazed and impressed with the quality of information and opinions bloggers were putting out there.  I was hooked baby!  I immediately started lifting my voice and leaving posts all over the place…this place being one of my favorites.  I started hanging out at African American Opinion participating in some pretty lively discussions, and of course following the extensive blogroll.  They were rich I tell you!  I couldn’t remember the last time I could sit and share my thoughts on a million different topics at my leisure.  So one thing led to another and before I knew it, I was really loving the political/social agenda blogs. So what else about me–well I have a BS in marketing, a Masters in public administration and I am a culinary chef by trade–although I don’t formally cook anymore–except for my own pleasure and necessity.  I am a politics junkie; so much so that I started a blog as a direct result of Afrospear.  I figured I could share my spin on political issues that are of interest to me as an African American woman who used to be affluent, is well educated and knows how to throw a Fab cocktail party.  So Lovebabz LoveTHINK was born..again thanks Asabagna!  On the serious, serious tip, I believe myself to be a citizen of the world.  I am at home anywhere there is like-minded, kind and loving people.  I care deeply about  foster children, abused and abandoned children. I care a great deal about women incarcerated in the federal prison system in America.  I am a staunch advocate for a woman’s right to choose…anything and everything she believes will make her life better, joyous and free.  I believe love settles all.  I believe in God.  Why should you care about me–because we are one.  I am you and you are me and what happens to one happens to all. We are all connected.  I have a lot to say and I look forward to saying it here.