…the Boogey Man, Santa Claus or Big Foot, you MUST see this:

Then you must realize that it is only a symptom of our problem. And if you see this, shrug your shoulders and mumble, well, “I’m gonna vote anyway,” I’ll ask you what Private Peterson asked Sgt. Waters in ‘A Soldiers’ Story:’ “What kind of colored man are you?!”

If your vote can be “disappeared like a Chilean radical” what is it worth? If you have no power to control the counting of your vote, you have no power or vote. Voting isn’t a video game, but it is today. And while people did sacrifice their lives for the right to cast a ballot that could change their lives – that change was always symbolic and very limited. Too many of us accord voting magical powers, when if you ever look at it, the benes never trickle down: accept in payoffs to get the people’s vote on or near an election.

People did NOT die to have their vote deleted like this. And that is where the real fight is: changing a system that is rife with these kind of double entendre mechanisms – slavery that masquerades as freedom, entry to a voting booth – if they don’t delete your registration first – that is a toilet bowl for black ballots.

Some black folks complain that its wrong not to vote; I argue that its wrong to vote as long as this voting psychosis is in reality, a maze for black rats to rush into, get lost in an have their hopes squandered in its cheese-less environs. I’d rather us deal with our healing, create real community (virtual or otherwise), real agency within our ranks.

There is so much work to do that is completely avoided and siphoned into white institutions of oppression. Our men and women too often adopt high and mighty poses; they wear these frightful, faux pro-black militant wigs that conceal rape, incest, self hate, internalized racism, sexism, homophobia, half-n-half-ism. Looking in the mirror can be the most revolutionary action a person can take; and its avoided like the plague.

Its a slave mentality to think that the great white father, great beige father or Miss Anne is gonna do a damn thing for you. Meanwhile, we stare at each other, disparage each other, ridicule each other. We never go near the post traumatic slave syndrome oozing out of us, never sit in the shrink’s chair and get emotionally or spiritually butt nekkid and really get at the source of our dis-ease. The people who talk about keeping it real the most are the most terrified of truth, the most terrified of their own black selves.

We have refined our spiritual cowardice into a fine art.

I hate no one, but I crave black folks who can see through the dance of the seven veils. Enjoy this video as a reminder that reality is layered and littered with mirages, seen and unseen. Our job as a community should be to keep tearing down illusion and supporting that deconstruction internally and externally.

(Hat tip to Dark Daughta for…a lot!)