I found this excellent book about Black Britain in my university library. It tells the history of this microcosm in images. Here are a few images I have scanned if anyone is interested!


1) This was a young Shirley Bassey, who is now Dame Shirley Bassey and still going strong at 71 . One of the voices of the century of my opinion. According to the book, this photo was taken in Cardiff, Wales in 1955. Bassey is of Nigerian & English origin.


2) This man was PC Gumbs, London’s first black policeman in 1968

Looking through this book has really made me think of how at times, we can take things for granted. I have been living on and off in England for over 10 years now and just looking at the harsh injustice African and West Indian immigrants had to put up with really makes my blood boil. The book features loads more pictures of black immigrants arriving in London, pictures of the Notting Hill riots that plagued London and photos of other famous faces like Paul Robeson in England and the inimitable Malcolm X in Oxford, which can be seen below.