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By Eddie Griffin who is devising a counter-strategy called One Flew Over the Coo-Coo Nest“.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rosalyn writes:

I am so ashamed to be a Texan today! I want Mr. Obama to know that he should have won the state of Texas. I have family and friends all over the state of Texas who are all saying the same thing. First of all, conservatives like Rush Limbaugh encouraged Republicans to vote for Hillary in the primaries and I know that some did. Those same people did not want to commit enough to return to the caucuses. The support for Mr. Obama at the caucuses was overwhelming compared to little or no support for Hillary Clinton. People in Texas are so discouraged. We do not believe the outcome is accurate and trust me when I say that the Democratic Party had better be very careful with assuming that voters will continue to support a dirty party… If Mr. Obama wants to win, it’s time for him to pressure Ms. Clinton with the hard questions.

Eddie Griffin responds:

There is no one in this whole wide world that is more disappointed at Obama losing Texas it is Eddie Griffin. After all, I saw what they did to the image of his character within the last 72 hours of the March 4 primaries.

Let me say that everybody on the Obama Team fought a good fight. In the end, they say, Hillary Clinton won Texas. She won a total of 2 candidates by plurality vote. We, of the Obama Team, is fighting to gain the caucus delegate vote. It looks like we at least gained back the 2 lost delegates in the precinct caucuses. But it was an ugly fight in Texas on convention night.

There were hundreds of complaints filed with the Elections Administrators. This was a Texas nightmare, of which we warned the Tarrant County Commissioners.

I share in your passion and also in your belief, when you write:

I am encouraging people to keep the faith and to get more involved in the fight. We see that Mr. Obama is a gentleman, but do not ever congradulate cheaters. They are so comfortable with stealing votes and there is no honor in that. That alone is why so many Americans have not voted previously.As I told others, we had a three-to-one advantage on the ground. It showed in early voting, where Obama immediately opened up a 50,000 vote lead. We won the precinct caucus that night. So, how did we lose the mass vote? I have speculated that question, but there are some real factors that contributed to Obama’s defeat.

What Barack Obama Must Do

Keep the high road and keep the hope alive. Never mind that they threw everything at you, including the Kitchen Sink. Never stoop as low as your opponent.

Swallow your pride, if you see your lose in Texas as a defeat. Run on for the helpless and the hopeless. Keep your head straight and be proud to be the first African-American President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton Has Not Won Texas

As the world turns from Texas to the next primary and caucus states, let me say, Hillary Clinton ain’t won nothing yet here in Texas. At last word, we were taking the lion’s share of the caucus delegates. They are still counting and I am afraid the Powers-That-Be might try to steal these also. Will they steal the last hope of the poor?