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Delegate 1066

Eddie Griffin

Precinct 1079 elected Delegate 1066 at the Tarrant County Democratic Party’s Senate District 10 Convention on Saturday. Like a salmon swimming upstream, he will advance the next step to the Texas State Convention in June. And so, Precinct 1079 cast its one allocated vote for Barack Obama for President of the United States. Delegate 1066 will carry the precinct vote to the state convention, a state still vying between Obama and Clinton delegates.

The morning Star-Telegram reads: Obama is victor in weekend caucuses. The word “victor” sends a proud chill through my vein. I was on the winning side, one of the victors in the second round caucus.

At least 3,000 delegates descended on the Will Rogers Coliseum from their precinct caucuses to comprise the Senatorial District 10 convention. The climatic conditions were chilly and drizzling skies made for a long uncomfortable wait.

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