A lot has been going on since we met in Vienna last year.

Each woman was charged with doing whatever she could in her country. For my part I promised to spread the word. My efforts can be found here.

Leah in Sweden has organized a group of sisters and held meetings to draft proposals from the Black Woman in Sweden’s point of view. She is happy to report that Sweden seems to be ahead of the curve in promoting equal rights and access to Black Women.

The first strategic meeting of BEWNET (Black European Women’s Network)took place in Vienna from 13-14 March 2008. One of the outcomes was the unanimous decision by all present at the strategic meeting to change the name of our network from Black European Women’s Network to “Black European Women’s Council” for strategic reasons.

The next steps shall be to register BEWC as an international association under the Belgian Law.

September 9th 2008 is the official launching of BEWC in the European Parliament in Brussels. I definitely plan to be at this historical event.

For more information contact AFRA the addresses. They intend to send out the invitations by mid June.