Brotherpeacemaker turned me on to this story. His commentary is worth sharing: “As a favor to Senator Kennedy, who early last week suffered a seizure and was later diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, Senator Barack Obama delivers the commencement address at Wesleyan University! It’s interesting he could make last minute plans to make this possible when he couldn’t fit programs like the State of the Black Union into his itinerary even when given plenty of advanced notice.”  Very astute observation Brotherpeacemaker!

Kanye West spoke “power to truth” when he went off script and exclaimed, during a live on-air telethon for Hurricane Katrina victims in September 2005, that “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people!” Well it appears that Barack Obama doesn’t care much about Black people either. He didn’t care enough to attend the annual State of the Black Union forum which was held earlier this year in New Orleans!! Obama cited scheduling conflicts, as his priority was focusing on his presidential campaign. Tavis Smiley who organized the event, faced a blacklash.. yes I said “black-lash” … for criticizing Obama’s decision not to attend the forum. At the time, I shook my head at the vitriol spewed towards Smiley by so-called “progressive Black bloggers”, the “Obama Fascists”, claiming among other things, that Smiley was jealous of Obama’s success and had a “crab in a barrel” mentality, because he had the audacity to question their Messiah. It got so bad that he received death threats and his mother and brother were harassed. It got so distressing that he ended up quitting the Tom Joyner Morning Show (read commentary here). When I lived near the Canada-U.S. border in Windsor, Ontario… across the river from Detroit, Michigan… I made it a point to listen to the TJMS on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I could hear what Tavis had to say. I didn’t always agree with him but he was always enlightening and honest in his opinions.

The bottom line is Obama decides it is more vital to his self-interest to step in for Ted Kennedy on short notice to address the future aspirations and endeavours of preppy Wesleyan University graduates, than to make the time to address the issues and concerns that are important to the survival and upliftment of Black America (read commencement address here). There is no doubt where his loyalties lie.

Compared to Barack Obama, Clarence Thomas is starting to look more and more like Louis Farrakhan.