I absolutely positively cannot wait to get my hands on the latest copy of the New Yorker. The art cover features Barack and Michelle Obama in their true guise, at least according to a lot of less than well informed Americans who get their information from an institution of inconsequential integrity such as FOX News, more accurately described as the bizarro world news network.

Despite his protest to the contrary a lot of hardworking, white Americans cling to their bitter belief that Mr. Obama is a closet Muslim and Ms. Obama is a fist bumping terrorist who is also a Louis Farrakhan devotee and is the leader of the Chicago chapter of the Osama bin Laden fan club. Ms. Obama loves Osama so much she married a man whose name is just one letter away from the terrorist leader. I would not be surprised if there was a rumor floating about that she was set to live in Omaha until she realized it didn’t rhyme with Osama or Obama.

The magazine features an illustration from Barry Blitt named The Politics of Fear in which the Democratic presidential nominee and his wife are shown wearing traditional Muslim garb in the oval office of the white house, presumably after Mr. Obama won the presidency. The drawing of Michelle Obama has a huge angry black woman afro while wearing fatigues and combat boots with an automatic assault rifle over her shoulder. Mr. Obama is wearing a traditional Muslim headdress and attire ala Osama bin Laden style. And to top it all off the stars and stripes is shown burning in a fireplace blaze while Osama’s portrait hangs above.

The only thing the cartoon needs is little caricatures of Sasha and Malia. It would be the icing on the cake of comic fabrication to see the two girls depicted with bomb vests and copies of the Koran while wearing the traditional garb of Arab women. I know that they’re much too young to be wearing the covering from head to toe. But we are trying to drive home the point that the reality surrounding the Democratic candidate has been distorted to the point of severe absurdity.

This is not the first time the Democratic presidential nominee has been lampooned. Dozens of cartoons of the senator from Illinois appear in various newspapers, weekly and monthly periodicals, websites, and elsewhere on an hourly basis. He has been satirized on Saturday Night Life. Comics galore stand in line to ridicule any weakness in his political armor. And even one of the hardest working white joes in the workforce is ready to make a dime off of this historic presidential run of an African American by plastering a picture of the monkey Curious George with the caption Obama ’08 on a t-shirt.

The official response from Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign referred to the illustration art as tasteless and offensive. If anybody has a clear reason for being offended by this lampoon it would be the Muslim community that continues to be slandered by an affiliation with terrorism and unpatriotic tendencies. Mr. Obama refused to give an opinion about the cover. Other people have made their much less than favorable opinion known. Unfortunately for Mr. Obama, many people will continue to unfairly associate his character with a negative stereotype without any foundation in reality. Not unlike the way Mr. Obama continues to hold fast to his opinion that black people need to take more personal responsibility for the conditions of the black community before the nation takes any social responsibility.

At the annual NAACP convention Mr. Obama reiterated his call that black people show greater responsibility for improving their own lives. Mr. Obama urged Washington to provide more education and economic assistance. He called on corporate America to exercise greater social responsibility. But he received his largest applause as he urged blacks to demand more of ourselves. Said Mr. Obama, “I know some say I’ve been too tough on folks talking about responsibility. NAACP, I’m here to report [that] I’m not going to stop talking about it. Because as much I’m out there to fight to make sure that government’s doing its job and the marketplace is doing its job, none of it will make a difference, at least not enough of a difference, if we also don’t at the same time seize more responsibility in our own lives.” I guess the other racial groups don’t have to have any personal responsibility.

Mr. Obama insists on holding steadfast to the notion that the black community is somehow more corrupt or somehow more irresponsible than any other race of people. A cursory glance at headlines would support Mr. Obama’s assumptions. But the headlines are controlled by a dominant community that would rather backhand people in the black community than extend a helping hand. We all could take more responsibility for our communities.

For example, Mr. Obama could have gone before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and tell the Jewish community that Israel could take more responsibility for ending the tensions with the Arab community and Iran in particular. Mr. Obama could stand at his podium and tell Hillary Clinton to take more responsibility for the debt she incurred when she campaigned against Mr. Obama. I didn’t see anybody say John Edwards or anyone else deserved a handout for racking up debt. What makes these other examples of irresponsibility so much more tolerable?

I seriously doubt that the problem of broken families in the black community is significantly more of a problem than the broken families in other communities. I have to admit that I have not seen any numbers on the subject. But if the propaganda that says black crime is so much more staggering than white crime compared to the actual crime numbers broken down by race is any indication, I have to say that unless Mr. Obama can produce some actual numbers from credible sources, all he is doing is reinforcing the negative image of the black community to his supporters who want to believe the stereotypical hype against black people.

There is little to support Barack Obama’s emphasis calling for more responsibility for the black community in relation to the level of responsibility in other community’s. No matter what the reality is Mr. Obama will cling to his supposition that black people are the most irresponsible community of people in America. So why would he of all people expect anything less from those of us who think he is a Muslim and his wife is a whitey hater with nothing to support their claims? The way I see it, what’s good for the slandered goose is even better for the slandered gander.