“Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James 4:7.

If you are a regular visitor to this blog you will know that I am not one to engage in blog wars. I have interceded to stop a couple and I will ignore what I consider a personal attack because of an opinion I may hold. I am quick to delete what I consider disrespectful and destructive comments. However, honest constructive criticism is always welcome.

I received a disturbing email via the AfroSpear googlegroup. This is a separate entity from this think tank, although it grew from our concept. There are approximately 100 members in the group. The email was penned by a Black blogger by the name of Francis L. Holland and it’s topic was the Blogging While Brown Conference, which was recently held in Atlanta , Georgia from July 25th to 27th. Although he did not attend the conference… Mr. Holland made some very inflammatory, destructive and disparaging comments about the conference, as well as disrespectful comments about the organizer, Gina McCauley at What About our Daughters. His comments were obviously motivated by his previous personal conflicts with Ms. McCauley via the googlegroup. I will not publish the entire email here, so as to provide Mr. Holland with a platform for his deranged rants, but I have to admit… it pissed me off. It pissed me off so much that I penned this reply through the googlegroup: 

“Francis, Francis, Francis….
There are certain things which are constant in the universe. Day always follows night… everyday we get older… and any effort within the Afrosphere you cannot control, you try to sabotage. I rarely comment during these “flare ups” because I have come to see you as a petty, small-minded egomaniac, whom I felt it is best to ignore. I saw you as harmless… but I was mistaken… in a word… you are toxic. The Bible states that the devil should be “resisted”… not ignored.
What bothers me most now is that you continually hide behind the AfroSpeara concept you originally were not involved in creating or establishing… as a vehicle to live out your warped, self-centered desire for control and attention. Recently, thefreeslave and I were discussing how the whole idea of the AfroSpear got high-jacked by you and others. For those who were there and haven’t forgotten the true history of the whole affair, you and a number of others, who weren’t down with the original vision of the AfroSpear, were encouraged (and supported) to form your own collective… which you all did. You formed the Afrosphere Bloggers Association as the vehicle to realize your vision. However, you still decided to appropriate… I guess the true term is misappropriate, the Afrospear name and concept. To be honest, I had no real problem with it…. even when I read the bogus Wikipedia entry on the
AfroSpear/AfroSphere, which you created. What is most dangerous about this entry is that it is sprinkled with some truth… however I notice how you have featured yourself prominently in it’s genesis, which in reality, you were not involved in on any significant level… while Sylvia, one of the original 6 and the person who did the most work in getting it up and running… who due to the petty jealousies of one former member in particular, wasn’t even mentioned!
Sylvia asked this very relevant question: “what are you trying to accomplish with this?”… in regards to your assessment of the Blogging While Brown conference… which you didn’t even attend! 
It has become clear (for those who want to see it) that the primary motivation for your version of the AfroSpear, is not the upliftment or empowering of people of African descent. You are motivated by your unrequited “man-love”… your infatuation with Markos Maulitsas and his rejection of you… specifically his rejection of making you his official house nigger over at DailyKos. This is what motivates everything you do! That is why you constantly refer and compare any effort to DailyKos, as you did below when you stated: “Compare it to the 1,500 bloggers at YearlyKos last year…” I once wrote a post asking if you were symbolic of the
21st Century Mis-educated Negro. Time after time… by your antics, you have provided me with the answer. Let’s also be clear…. the reason Gina and a number of others resigned from your version of the AfroSpear, is that they got tired of the antics… the personal attacks and intimidation… by you and the other “school yard” bullies, against anyone who disagrees with y’all and/or who y’all cannot control. 
So you have motivated me to do 3 things to “resist” the destructive and divisive objectives of you and your small group of cadres. 1… history is important… so I will be doing a post on the real genesis of the AfroSpear, to counteract your fable at Wikipedia. 2… I will make every effort to attend the Blogging While Brown conference next year… from Canada, as a show of the “true” AfroSpear’s support and solidarity with the efforts of Gina and the event. 3… I will be more vocal in exposing and opposing your destructive and divisive behaviours within the AfroSphere. As an original member of the original 6 who formed the original AfroSpear, you can neither intimidate nor control me.” 

Francis L. Holland has been a cancer within the AfroSphere. He has previously been banned from two white liberal websites, DailyKos and MyLeft Wing because of his destructive and disruptive behaviour within their online communities. Now we all know how whites are quick to showcase their house negroes, especially white liberals, but they got very tired of his deranged antics and banned him from their “house”. However, he is allowed to carry on the same devisive and destructive behaviours and outrageous antics within the AfroSphere… within the AfroSpear googlegroup… simply because he is Black! There have been many calls previously within the googlegroup to ban him. Since the inception of the AfroSpear, he has tried to control the agenda and those who disagree with him… he (and his supporters and enablers) intimidate and attack to the point where they leave.

What is most troubling is that he uses the name of the AfroSpear as a tool to cloak himself in some guise of credibility and for his own self-promotion. The “straw that broke the camels back” for me is that he attacked Ms. McCauley in the name of the AfroSpear. Enough is Enough! It’s time to make certain things clear. Francis L. Holland is not a spokesperson for the AfroSpear! Francis L. Holland is not a leader within the AfroSpear, although he has appointed himself as one!

The reactions within the googlegroup, primarily from his 4-5 supporters who are usually the most vocal and active within the group, has been to admonish me for “calling him out” in the above email. I have become the bad guy”. No surprise… I expected it. Interestingly, no-one has stated (so far) that anything I said was untrue, just that I am engaging in personal attacks against Mr. Holland. They say I am “a pot calling the kettle black”. They may be right. But someone has to stand up and say “enough” and “tell it like it really is” regardless of the consequences. SO… why not me? I have no fear of their attacks and I am not engaged in a popularity contest within the group.

This is how twisted this “shit” has now become within the AfroSpear googlegroup. Mr. Holland stated in his email that he would never publicly state his true feelings of the Blogging While Brown Conference, but concluded that it was a failure and exclaimed: “Congratulations, Gina and everyone who helped provoke the mercurial Gina into make her conference a smashing embarrassment!” He then went on to state:

“Publicly, if anyone asks me about Blogging While Brown, I will quote Shawn Williams: the group picture could someday be like the Niagra Movement photo that was taken in 1905. Privately, I think the Niagra movement must have been a hell of a lot more united and focused than Blogging While Brown’s roll out turned out to be.”

After I responded above, he then posted this on his blog and forwarded it to the googlegroup. This is the character of Francis L. Holland! No-one challenged him on his blatant hypocrisy and pre-packaged, premediated lie. One person, (who claims to be a Christian and a warrior like King David), even commended him… even after reading his above statement… for showing unity! This is an example of the dishonest and despicable behaviour which the white liberal blogging community had enough moral integrity to reject, but within the AfroSpear, it is embraced, permitted, condoned and yes… even commended. This is what happens when a cancer infects a body and is allowed to survive. It corrupts the whole body. This is what honesty, integrity and unity has now become within the AfroSpear at large.

We are indeed quick to stand up against white people who put us down, but first and foremost, we need to be… at least just as quick… to stand up against Black people who pull us down.

Come to think of it, there is no “may be” about it… his supporters are right… this has become personal for me… and I’m still pissed.

PS: I fully expect to be banned from the AfroSpear googlegroup for “snitching” on the hypocrisy and dishonesty of Francis L. Holland. Stay tuned.