Lately I’ve been just chillin’ enjoying the summer with Da’Queen and Li’l Man, watching the olympics and now preparing to return to work after 4 months of parental leave. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading (including another re-read of The Art of War), mediating, re-energizing and getting my mind right. 

Let me share some of the things that have moved me recently:

1. I found this sister, Sonskystar, as I was surfing through some blogs. The caption on her blog page, Did She Say That, caught my attention: “What I Wrote Yesterday, I Might Not Believe Tomorrow, Because of What I Learned Today”. This is pretty much my mantra on life! Her stories and perspectives are thought-provoking and inspiring. For me she is a daily must read! I found these two articles of particular interest: My Declaration to Fight: Forging a Black Civil War and Nigga vs Nigger: Yeah I Said it.

2. I was also introduced by Sonskystar to the words of Nannie Helen Burroughs, in a pamphlet she wrote in the early 1900’s entitled: “12 Things The Negro Must Do for Himself”. Still relevant for today!  

3. This story on Percy Miller, formerly Master P of No Limit Records, launching a family-oriented cable network in 2009 is amazing! The network, to be called Better Black Television Network (BBTV), promises to be “a family-friendly network that will provide positive content for a black and brown culture that will appeal to all races with a goal to bring people of color a choice when turning on their television.” P. Miller has assembled a very competent and knowledgeable advisory board which includes Denzel Washington, Will Smith and NAACP executive director Vicangelo Bullock. I always respected this bruthah as someone who pushed the boundaries… a true visionary and entrepreneur who took the steps to make his dreams reality. Read an article about BBTV here.

4. I forgot to add this article by La Shawn Barber during my initial posting. Entitled “Why did God Make Different Races?”, it touches on issues surrounding interracial churches. An interesting read.  

5. A great olympic moment:

Another great olympic moment:

The greatest olympic moment: