1. I’ve been periodically checking out Shay’s commentary, over at the Black moderate/conservative blog Booker’s Rising, on the Republican National Convention. She is blogging from the convention with her experiences, views and insights.

2. Another blog that has recently captured my attention has been Hip Hop Republican. They also have a couple of bloggers at the Republican convention who are doing a spot for TheRoot called “We Down with GOP”.

3. Speaking of TheRoot, I really like the eclectic mix of opinions and editorials that are featured on this site. There is an interesting article on the (East) Indian American, Republican Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, entitled “From Piyush to Bobby”.

4. The African Executive have what I consider a must read article on the African continent’s (unrealistic) expectation of President Barack Obama: “Obama’s Nomination: Impact on Africa”. There is also this scathing commentary on the eurocentric bias of the International Criminal Court in it’s prosecution of “Black” African leaders for war crimes, while those “White” leaders of former colonial regimes go unpunished: Africa Must Have its Own International Criminal Court”

5. Finally a truly touching and inspiring personal story by Sonskystar: “A Personal Story of Forgiveness”. Nuff said.