I caught a little of the Democratic National Convention in Denver and even less of the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul.  I saw the Democratic nominee for the presidency, Senator Barack Obama, give his acceptance speech in a standing room only stadium of eighty five thousand plus seats.  I saw the Republican nominee for the presidency, Senator John McCain, give his acceptance speech in a stadium of about fifteen thousand seats.  The crowd at the Democratic National Convention was a racially diverse bunch with something like thirty some odd percent of the delegates of African American heritage.  On the other hand, the Republican National Convention looked like a 1950’s Happy Days meets Lavern & Shirley reunion with a black people participation running along the lines of one point five percent.  Thirty six black delegates out of more than twenty three hundred.

Now with just about one sixth the attendance at its national convention and only one race of people represented with audience participation about ninety eight percent white, I wake up this morning to hear that John McCain has a slight lead over Barack Obama.  If that’s not enough, John McCain has a record of voting with his Republican Party and President George Bush ninety percent of the time.  People say they want to change this political environment that has our economy, military, education system, our reputation, our housing market, and just about everything else you can think of on a national level in the toilet and getting shit on constantly.  But now I’m supposed to believe that more than half the people polled these days think that our best bet for changing course is Mr. McCain.

After two terms with George Bush I can’t believe the American public would be so stuck on stupid.  To make the same mistake again for a third time, and to expect different results, is truly madness.  People at the high end of the income spectrum don’t need another tax cut.  They have all the funds they need to fill up their Bentleys and their super class luxury yachts.  What in the world they need another tax cut for?  Exxon-Mobile made tens of billions of dollars last year.  Why do they need another tax cut?  Warren Buffet and Donald Trump did well.  Bill Gates did well.  Cindy McCain made out like a bandit.  Why do they need another capital gains tax cut?  Is it to help her go buy another house or two because nine just isn’t enough?

Mr. McCain promises to open up our coastlines to more petroleum drilling.  He’ll open the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve to more petroleum drilling.  He’ll open your backyard to more petroleum drilling if that’s what the oil companies wanted.  But drilling for more oil and keeping the price of gasoline cheap doesn’t do anything to give people an incentive to develop new energy alternatives or to conserve energy or curb wasteful energy expenditures.  After eight years of having two former oil men in the white house, who allowed oil executives to develop America’s energy policy, I’m supposed to believe that over half of America is ready to reward the oil companies for their service to the American public by giving them access to even more potential inventory?  I refuse to believe that our national collective short term memory is that short.

After eight years of having a President of the United States who was a strong, mediocre student with his average grades, over half of America is ready to now ready to vote for Mr. McCain, a man who wasn’t exactly a Rhodes Scholar when he graduated from the Navy academy.  In fact, Mr. McCain wasn’t even a mediocre student.  Out of eight hundred ninety nine students who graduated in his class, Mr. McCain came in sixth from the bottom.  Mr. McCain graduated with a rank of eight hundred ninety four.  Mr. McCain actually managed to avoid graduating in the upper ninety nine percentile.  The man didn’t have enough moxie to graduate above the bottom one percent of his class.  Am I supposed to believe that the majority of America wants another half-ass in the presidency?

I don’t have a problem believing that there are a lot of people out there who are hoping with all their heart that John McCain gets into the white house.  These are the same people who’d be willing to vote George Bush back into the white house for a third term if they could.  These are the same people who would be willing to give the Captain Edward J. Smith, the arrogant and complacent captain of the tragically doomed RMS Titanic, one of the United States Navy’s new high technology Ticonderoga-class Aegis guided missile cruisers.  These are the same people that would let Michael “Brownie” Brown stay the chief of FEMA while black bodies are floated through the streets of New Orleans.  These people have a lot to gain with a third Bush term even while the rest of the country is heading to hell in a rocket powered hand basket.

But I’m supposed to believe that the people of America are ready to put Mr. McCain, Mr. Bush junior, into the white house to change the political course of this country after eight years of Republican executive leadership, with six of those eight years with a complacent Republican legislature.  In order to change the track of the current Republican leadership, America wants to put another Republican in the white house.  I’m supposed to believe the news when they tell me that John McCain has not only tied Barack Obama but has taken the lead because of the bounce of his selection of Sarah Palin as his presidential running mate?

I refuse to believe that the people in America would be so foolish.  This race isn’t even hardly this close.  The majority of the American public are not that narrow minded.  I believe that the news agencies and networks are trying to make a horse race of this political routing to sell some kind of political melodrama to keep people tuning in.  At best, maybe one sixth of the public would vote for the McCain and Palin combo over the Obama and Biden duo.  I would hope that the American public isn’t so gullible to think that Mr. McCain is going to change this country.  Mr. McCain is another train wreck waiting to join the pile up that’s already happened.  He promises more tax cuts that benefit the rich more than they benefit anyone else, more war with more of our soldiers dying, more disparity, and more of all the things that have us in the mess we’re in now.  I seriously hope that the vast majority of America is smarter than the polls say we are.