Buried in the comment stream of my brother Asa’s thought provoking post, “Tribal Intellectualism“, was this nugget by brother Ensayn.  Please pay careful attention to this:


Revolution, is in my opinion about evoluition, to re-evolve. It is the internal thought of a person that expresses itself externally. What you think you are, you will be. If you think you are ghetto, you will express this in an external fashion, whether it be a clothing style, tatoos, the way you speak, the way you act. This is the external expression of an internal thought process, on a micro-cosmic level. This same internal thought process expressed by the many becomes a culture, when many dress a certain way, speak a certain way and act a certain way, all based on an internal thought process. So, what outside entity came to a certain group of Black people and produced the thought in them that they are ghetto and this is how ghetto acts? How can one or a group overcome an ailment by pointing at the external factor? Does this exclude the fact that external factors influence the thought process? No. Yet, we are responsible for how we internalize an outside influence. One factor in the external influence on the Black Collective are our own so called “leaders” and “professors” that influence a certain percentage of Black people’s internal thought processes. When a “leader” or “professor” continues to express a slave mentality (I will elaborate in a post what a slave mentality is), then those that believe the “leaders” and “professors” are greater than themselves fall prey to an external influence that deters positive uplifing internal thoughts in the “weaker” collective. Example, on a different level. In order to avoid the flu or a cold one MUST strengthen their OWN immune system, an internal function. When a cold or flu virus attacks a person and overcomes them, then it is the failure of the person to strengthen the INTERNAL IMMUNE SYSTEM. When the immune system is strong an outside influence is of little to no effect. The same is true with the Black collective. The Black Collective must CLEAN OUT and strengthen INTERNALLY to repel negative outside attacks. The more we focus on the outside factor, the white man, the European cultural influence on the Black collective, and racism the “weaker” the collective becomes. And, the Black collective will be defeated by those very same external forces. Therefore, the focus MUST be on cleaning OUR internal thought process, cleaning out the down pressing “leaders” and “professors”, cleaning out our vocabulary, cleaing up the way we dress, act, and feed ourselves, and clean up our dirty ways to eachother. Then and only then can we defeat racism, European cultural influence, the white man and bad Black “leaders” “and Professors”.

When we are able to really understand this post – at depth – racism won’t have to be “defeated” because racism will already be dead.  In our mind, body and spirit.  It only lives because we breathe the breath of life into, perform CPR on it, transfuse it with our spiritual life’s blood.

Take responsibility. Control your destiny.  Abdicate responsibility.  Be a perpetual victim.