CinemAfrica (http://www.cinemafrica.se/), Sweden is a non-profit film association with the main purpose to promote films from Africa made by Africans. We do that by organizing film festivals, seminars and we also offer screenings to universities and high schools. Our wish is to show Africa through African eyes and enlighten viewers about the complex reality of today’s Africa.

Sweden is dominated by mainstream cinema; we are confined to a European- and/or American-centric world-view. There are few opportunities to see African films in Sweden. We want to change that.

We show distinguished titles made by African moviemakers and we select the works mainly from festivals like Fespaco in Burkina Faso and Sithengi in South Africa.

CinemAfrica is looking for new films
CinemAfrica is looking for submissions of films produced and directed by African filmmakers. We are interested in full-length feature films, short films and documentaries.

Please send an e-mail with a short synopsis, production information, CV of director and producer together with your contact information.
Our festival is held every year. In between festivals we organize single screenings and seminars on relevant issues.

CinemAfrica’s main purpose is to inform and to entertain the audience.

Screening fees are paid, and occasionally directors are invited to our festivals.

Submission form for CinemAfrica Film Festival: http://www.cinemafrica.se/…ission.pdf

For more information:
e-mail: info@cinemafrica.se
Bergsunds Strand 39
Box 17 099
104 62 Stockholm
+46 8 411 62 40 / +46 8 411 62 45
Fax: +46 8 545 275 09

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