Yesterday was indeed a historic day. The first man of African descent to become the president of today’s most powerful nation on earth! Although I don’t live in America, even I was walking around the office today with my chest a little further out than normal, jeering my white collegues that it’s a “new day” and “go get me a coffee whitey!” lol! I noticed this morning as I watched the news, that my 14 month old son would stop and become mesmorised by clips of Obama during his victory speech. I can only hope that in years to come when he becomes politically and socially aware, the significance of this moment will be truly historical in that Obama was the first… and not the first and only Black president of the United States of America!

I spent time surfing the Afrosphere and read a number of commentaries on what others felt/thought of Obama’s victory. Let me share these articles from different perspectives which I found of interest:

  1. Two articles from the African Executive: Obama Presidency: What Africa Should Do and Why America Needs Barack Obama
  2. From Booker Rising: My Conservative Aunt: “Obama Has Bastardized Dr. King’s Dream” 
  3. A letter from my sister Sonskystar: A Letter to Black Barack Obama Supporters
  4. Regular Brotha throws down with: Random thoughts on a Historic Moment!
  5. Serious satire and thought-provoking reality from Black Agenda Report with: Morning in Obamerica: Change, Chane Change? and The Obama ’08 Phenomenon: What Have We Learned?