World leaders hail Barack Obama’s historic victory.
Leaders around the world have congratulated Democratic candidate Barack Obama on his landslide victory in the US presidential election.

Just hours after news spread that Obama will be the first African-American to take office at the White House, leaders from around the world hailed the prospect of change in US policy.

Seoul congratulated US President-elect Barack Obama on his victory and said that it was a sign of Americans’ hope for change.

"The government evaluates Obama’s election as a result of the American people’s support for new changes and hope," said a statement, issued by the South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono also welcomed Barack Obama’s election to the US presidency and expressed hope that the change in US leadership would help solve the global economic crisis.

"I want to congratulate Senator Obama for his success in being elected as US president. I also want to congratulate US citizen," Yudhoyono said in a speech broadcast on national radio.

"Indonesia hopes the US can take concrete measures to settle the global economic crisis and the financial crisis in the United States."

In Europe, German President Horst Kohler congratulated Obama and said the US president-elect could count on Germany as a ‘trustworthy partner and long-time friend.’

B.W.I.E NOTE: Swedish TV reported that French President Sarkozy was the first European leader to make a congratulatory call to President Obama.

Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso also sent his ‘heartfelt congratulations’ to Barack Obama on his election as president of the United States.

China’s President Hu Jintao did the same and said closer relationship between Beijing and Washington could ‘benefit Chinese and American people and people around the world’

South African President Kgalema Motlanthe also congratulated Obama’s presidential victory. "Your election… carries with it hope for millions of your countrymen and women as much as it is for millions of people of … African descent both in the continent of Africa as well as those in the diaspora", Motlanthe said in a statement.


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