In this era where a man of African descent has secured the throne of the most powerful nation of the world, a tragedy of enormous proportions continues to be played out in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is indeed easier to sell a “message of hope” in political change to cure what ails us… than to “commit to action” so as to change a situation of recurring despair and destruction. History is now defined by a “change of style” and is no longer based on substantive changes of situations. As “we” people of African descent today celebrate the historic accomplishment of one Black man, let us be mindful that today also… this very minute as you read these words… the future of a nation of people in Africa is being systematically and systemically erased from history. 

  1. Three excellent and revealing perspectives on the war by The African Executive: Africa Rejoices Over Obama but Weeps Over Congo, DRC Crisis: The Britain-Rwanda Link and Congo Conflict: From Dried Hands to Blood  
  2. The Black Agenda Report: How We Fuel Africa’s Bloodiest War
  3. Excellent resource with more indepth information on the war and how to get involved, take action and make a difference: Friends of the Congo