One of my favorite people, the blackest white woman I know, the author I quote the most, the lady who turned me out and into a black vegan….drumroll please….ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce without any further fanfare, Ms. Pattrice Jones – through the email that she sent me today:

Do you still write for Afrosphere? I wonder if you could get that blog to link to the new collective blog for my composition students? As you know, I teach at an HBC/U. All of my students save one are Black (mostly African American but several African) and the one non-Black student is Latino. None are required to write for the blog individually (although there will be some postings of in-class group work) but most are electing to use the blog for an assignment requiring them to write something meaningful for an audience other than me and their classmates. A few are also going to be posting earlier assignments of which they are especially proud. A few posts are up now, a few more will go up this week, and then they’ll be going up furiously until the end of the semester.

I want them to have readers (and feedback) from off campus) so I would be deeply appreciative if you and/or Afrosphere could give us a mention or a link.


Done, sistah, done!!

Please ya’ll, visit this beautiful website through the Afrospheric link to your right.  We need to encourage our young folk to think critically, freely, think outside the dominant paradigm that seeks to keep them on the “XBox plantation.” And I betcha WE can learn some new things by opening our mind to a perspective far more alive than ours.