Some thought-provoking and informative posts of interest:

  1. In the African Executive, an artice on Neo-Agro-Imperialism in Africa;
  2. From “I’m Speaking Truth“, an essay and discussion on how Black Liberation Theology and one of it’s tenets, the Black Value System, does not conform to the teachings of the Bible: Black Value System Vs. The Bible;
  3. A very interesting article contending that a real solution to the increasing violence and homocide rates among the African-American community, particularly juvenile males, is not more educational policies, social programs, job opportunities or police action, but “marriage“;
  4. An article on a study which found that people not only respond with indifference towards anti-Black comments and racist slurs, but prefer the  person who made the comment/slur over the victim (click here);
  5. This article is a case study on the systematic spying on the U.S. President and how the FBI manipulated the media in the case of Watergate for it’s own ends: “The Death of Deep Throat and the Crisis of Journalism“;
  6. A personal story by Sonskystar on her interactions with a police officer in her community (click here);
  7. From Parables from Babylon, my take on the Christian perspective that “Homosexuality is a sin“.