Last Friday, former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele was elected as the first African-American chairman of the Republican National Committee.

If I believed in coincidence (or conspiracy theories for that matter), I would say that it is suspiciously ironic that Black men have been put in charge… 1): to lead the United States in it’s worst economic crisis with no end in sight; to retreat from a failed war in Iraq; to increase it’s involvement in another un-winnable war in Afghanistan; to find a workable solution to the deteriorating situation in the Middle East among the Israelis, the Palestinians, Hezzbollah and Syrians; to engage in a growing and futile geopolitical conflict with Iran and Russia… and 2): to lead a Republican Party at a time when it has lost all credibility and some would argue, relevance, at home and abroad. 

Or maybe I should see this as America looking to these two Black men as their prophets of hope and architects of the “change we can believe in”, for both the political right and the left!? Hmmm… however, I don’t believe in fairy tales either.

Nevertheless, seeing two Black men at the top of the political establishment, in the most powerful nation in the world, makes me want to pack up my family and restore the underground railroad… however heading the other way into the new promise land of America. I keep reading that America has now gone “post-racial”… that racism is dead in America… that Rev. King’s dream has finally been realized and that there are no more excuses for Black people not to succeed. The election of Barack Obama was historic. The selection of Michael Steele to lead the GOP, although it did not garner the fanfare of the coronation of President Obama… sorry, I mean “inauguration”… no, come to think of it, I do really mean “coronation… is just as relevant… maybe even more so! These two Black men are not only sitting at the head of the table, they are now setting the menu… “fried chicken and collard greens”… in the words of Fuzzy Zeller referring to the menu Tigers Woods would select after his first Master’s win in 1997.

BUT maybe I will wait a while. Maybe I’m getting all caught up in the hype! Canada isn’t perfect… but we do have universal health care; an adequate welfare system for the less fortunate; spend more on education than on our military; low crime rates; and enough government intervention and responsible regulations within the business and financial sectors to temper the excesses of capitalism, so as to prevent the debacles of the mortgage and financial meltdowns that are now a worsening daily occurrence south of the 49th parallel.

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