Today as Baby Asa and I were travelling to a play center, a local radio station which features a weekly 3 hour reggae segment, started playing a set of Bob Marley music in honour of his birthday, February 6th 1945.  I was watching my little man boppin’ to the vibes and I started singing along. There we were, me and mini-me driving down the road, shaking our heads to the rythmns and enjoying the musical prophet of our heritage. It was special moment. I have this dvd on the life and music of Bob Marley, so when we returned home, the Queen, the prince and I watched it. It was inspiring to say the least.

There was a time in my life when I listened to Bob every day. Even today, whenever I get bottled up with the rage caused by the bullshit of day to day living, I will go to the gym and workout listening only to Bob. As I burn off the negative physical energy, the music and lyrics brings perspective to my mind, as well as heals my soul.

I remember when I visited West Africa in 1997, I took all my Bob Marley cassettes with me. It was the same thing in all three countries: Senegal, Gambia and Ghana. My drivers, guides and I would be singing the lyrics as we travelled along to our destinations. Although we spoke different languages and came from various cultures, they knew all the words to all the songs… although they would occasionally ask me what some of the phrases meant.  It was so sweet that the music of Bob Marley, a Jamaican… gave us: a Jamaican-Canadian, Senegalese, Ghambians and Ghanaians…  an instant connection.

My favourite Bob Marley song:

Rest In Peace! Jah Rastafari!