Nkawzi Mhango is a Tanzanian living in Canada. He writes regularly for “The African Executive” and also has a blog entitled “Free Thinking Unabii”. He is a guest contributor to AfroSpear.

From the hindsight one would warn. Globalization was and, yet still, it isn’t good for poor countries. When free market and globalization were wheeled in, our stupid academicians and rulers sang its praise with joy. It’s like the arrival of the messiah who now has turned to be a devil!

Our venal creatures did not know that globalization would end up becoming its own enemy. 

Currently, rich countries are gasping for new air. They’re facing worse economic recession that has already seen some governments being threatened to be punted out. Iceland became the first casualty of this mess. The government of PM Geir Haarde was shown the door by the angry citizens. In Europe , no government is sure of its survival thanks to the people’s agitation to ask why this is happening.

Though the magic bullet in bailout was recently invented by George W Bush, it does not perform its miraculous circuses as expected. Taxpayers see it as an all-you-can-deem-doomed boondoggle through which their money rewarded to greedy corporatism.  Rich countries have the money to bailout their economies. What of the poor countries whose fate and plight have always depended on begging? Who will bail them out at this moment of truth?

Think again. Apart from bailout there are stimuli. Where will we get these economic missiles with which to zap economic down turn in poor countries? If big guys are shaken, what is the plight of little guys? 

When third countries were cornered and duped to usher in globalization and free market, they did not think twice and wisely. Geared by personal graft and greed, our idiots committed their countries to the hell on earth. 

They allowed their public utilities and resources to be bought by agents from rich countries at the throw-away price. Capital flight became an in-thing as corruption surged. We’re taught how to kill our economies first. After all productive firms were felled; our goons privatized them to the agents of the same wheel dealers.

After privatizing everything, themselves included, they’re now caught off guard!

Social services were as well abused and killed. In Tanzania the so-called cost sharing and bearing was introduced. To make matter worse, World Bank and International Monetary Fund offered full-proscription-packed loans to see to it that the already felled utilities are sold to the buyers who also enjoy loans from the sellers. In Kenya there was conscripted Goldenberg while in Tanzania EPA and what not. All those became money sinkholes that are cost our paupers dearly as they made ten percent for our venal rulers.

Our farmers and producers were told to work hard. They did. But to no avail. Our economies kept cascading despite all.

True, our rulers ruined our treasuries as they crucified our people. Now we are at Waterloo dumbfounded. While we’re crying for help to no avail, those that forced us to open our borders and economies -as we surrendered our resources- are telling us that something was wrong. 

Recently in Davos, British Prime minister Gordon Brown said that IMF and WB are outdated and frumpy of course. This means; even their way of doing things. This being the case, what will we do as the victims? Were we prepared for this eventuality?

What west doesn’t’ want to tell us openly is the bitter truth that at this moment it is everybody for his own survival. And indeed, the fittest will survive. This is the rule of the jungle. Capitalism is nearing its dead bed as the sword of Damocles hangs on poor countries.

While they’re presently bailing out their economies after shrinking, they did not allow us to do the same to ours when shrank in eighties. What was regarded as socialistic and unacceptable misguided principle- bailout- is now legal when it comes to bailing out their economies!

Now we know. What was touted as scientific way of running economy was a mere lie that actually turned to be the very killer of our economies. Which lesson have we gotten from this at this time when we’re silent? What makes me worry a great deal more is the fact that our rulers are busy expanding their government. To them recession has nothing to do with their personal interests of exploiting the paupers. In Kenya we currently have three Prime Minister namely the PM and his deputies. In Tanzania the current regime has many more ministers than the past ones. Who cares?

As we are opening our borders and economies even more, the champions of free market are applying protective measures to see to it that their citizens are sailing through. Try this in third world countries. You will face their wrath.

Eyebrows were recently raised when president Barrack Obama came in with buy American. This did not augur well for Europe. 

Whilst developed world is providing subsides to their farmers, we’re loaning produces from our already suffered farmers! Even when we try to propose that their produces be subsidized, we’re being reprimanded for thinking about the unthinkable! As brainless creatures as ever, we’re bowing in order to serve our personal interests as we sacrifice our hoi polloi! Unfortunately for them, our hoi polloi still pin their expectation to us! Whilst in Europe government are being punted out, in Africa they’re tying their grips on powers!

Super-rich nations are openly saying: they don’t want to see their people suffer from credit crunch that, in essence, they caused themselves. 

Coming to the dirt-poor countries, we’re not allowed even to finance the education for our youths. This means: we’ll produce half baked academicians who will depend on western ones to mislead them as they are doing to our current rulers.

In Tanzania, the government was able to ruin its treasures thanks to giving loans to fake investors that made away with it. The government feels at home to dish out money to offer the investors. But the same does not want to invest in education. Cheap and corrupt investment is highly welcome..  For it’s a good source of ill-gotten wealth for a privileged few.

In doing so, can such myopic approach usher in meaningful development really?

If Africa wants to do away from this bunkum, it must face rich countries and tell them point blank what they are doing is completely detrimental and double standard.

It pains to find that Africa does not want to create its own economic paradigm. Instead it kow tows before misleading and exploitative west to be exploited and mislead even more! All this is caused by greed and egoism by our honchos and academicians who mill every single day to go begging from west as if they have neither brain nor hands! They’ve turned us into beggars while we don’t spend even a dime they beg!

Many African countries cowardly swallowed free markets and globalization. Now they are paying dearly. From this flak aiming at using our economies to save theirs, we’ll still allow ourselves to be misled a great deal more as our economies flop in globalization?

If anything, we are dancing with the devil as our economies flop thanks to globalization.