Excellent post and welcome to AfroSpear, Nkawzi . I only have a few minor quibbles; one is that we live in a post nation state era. The nation or nationalism is nothing but a spell that is continually cast on us to keep our heads focused on a “Bloods/Crips” scenario or blood feud mentality.  Just like the Jihad/Islam/Christianity dust up: it ain’t nuthin’ but a mind game played on superstitious, gullible “believers” who can’t see outside of their religious shoebox.

The nation-state is a part of this mass hypnosis which manipulates us into continuing to identify with a flag, our particular country’s history, our principles, or our economics. Identify with death, rather than life, with machines rather than people or non-human animals.  Meanwhile, global capital slithers like a snake within, behind, over and underneath borders of every political stripe, seducing the nationalist/scientific socialist/Marxist Leninist/fake communist who has only self-preservation and pocket change on their agenda, forilla.

Actually, globalism is more like Zyklon B, the gas used in the gas chambers in Nazi Germany; as it wafts into the airspace of these alleged “countries, it snuffs out the people on the lowest rung and makes those just above beasts of burden for foreign capitalists.  Their labor does not support the development of their countries own so-called economy, but lines the pockets of some banker who in turn is bailed out and enriched by the poor and middle class of America.

What is an economy but an invention to enrich one at the expense of another? We could simply feed and clothe everyone on the planet without a care for castles and Benz’ and other swag.  Before economies and Ipods, there was land, held in common, respected, tilled, but cared for and available to all. Sure, there was static between tribe or clan; but the bottomline was, we were all tied to the land in a wholistic way. The advent of private property, that first division where someone believed that they had a right to more than another, a greater need than someone else based on their higher status, begat the madness we see. Until we get down to the root of this toxic, mendacious, evil system, we will simply be trying to ensure that we get first class passage on the Titanic. Fact is, we and this European concept of rape dominance and perpetual inequality must die, as Russell Means has so aptly put it, in order for the World to live.

Obama plays the game by making us proud of his and our color-coded achievement, while dragging the wheelbarrow of imperialism for his masters and our enslavers.   All of the hope invested in him is just another part of the slick-ass marketing machine, marketing us “reality” and this “perfect, democrat system”, which is destroying the planet. The world can’t stand anymore of our greedy, myopic, braindead hope?!

“Oh what a rat race!”