Sometimes I think I’m living in a really bad movie. 

Dean Grose, the mayor of Los Alamitos, sent an email with this photo of the White House lawn covered with watermelons, under the title: “No Easter egg hunt this year.” It get’s better… he sent it to Keyanus Price, a local businesswoman and city volunteer… who is Black! It get’s even better… Grose stated he  wasn’t aware of the racial stereotype that black people like watermelons, so he had no idea this “joke” would offend her!

Note to “white” people:

  1. Nooses aren’t funny;
  2. Comparing us to crazed chimpanzees needing to be shot numerous times by the police isn’t satire;
  3. Associating us with watermelons (and fried chicken) ain’t a joke;

Grose has apologized for the email and stated that he will step down as mayor on Monday but intends to stay on the five seat city council.

I can almost see my Grandmother shaking her head… and hear her say with that familiar tone of disgust: “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” 


So much for the “Obama Post-Racial Beige Revolution”.