I love Venus Williams; but Serena Williams is the one.  Both sisters have been attacked for YEARS by members of the tennis community under the guise of legitimate criticism.  The two sisters are treated as if they are one, interchangeable entity.  And they are: they are white folks worst nightmare.  A black tennis player who ain’t country club bred and will bust you upside the head and take all kinds of Grand Slam booty.

They are simply despised because they are black and proud and unbowed.  This week, the tournament at “Indian Wells” begins – but without Venus and Serena.  Eight years ago, an exceptionally ugly incident took place that has been hard to find on YouTube or on video anywhere.

Venus was to play Serena in the semifinals of the tournament in 2001; she ended up pulling out, ten minutes before the match.  The tournament sponsors, ESPN and the assembled crowd were all caught off guard.  People had been speculating that the matches between the two sisters were fixed , by their father, on what evidence: white folks’ intuition.

The following video is the last game of the final between Serena and Kim Clijsters of Belgium.  Serena, Venus and their father had been booed unmercifully at the outset of the match.  Watch this video to see how Serena handles racist adversity; then follow the link to YT and check out the entire match, especially the first segment.

And some people question why the Williams family don’t go back Injun Wells.  Puhleaze?!