2012: The Dismal End or a New Beginning

Everywhere, a world of misery and despair surrounds me. Old folks struggling to pay their rent, bills or to get their medicine. Drug abusers whose cooked brains keep them impaired to the point where they expect the real world to fit into their delusions. From Congo to Wall Street, individuals chase worthless paper as tho it possessed more value than the lives they trample to enrich themselves.

Each of these situations take a toll on society which defies statistical analysis. No raw data can humanize the impact on the vast interwoven social fabric that wraps around the globe, because only our collective conscience can take the measure of this disaster and draw the resolve to correct it.

The soothsayers say that time runs out in the year 2012. They say that the World will come to an end in December of that year. While I do not believe in metaphysics, in no form of the supernatural, this time the stargazers and wizards just may be right. Because the current trajectory of humanity seems headed towards an intensified state of greed, mindlessness, and insensitivity.

So on that point, all prospects for extending life into the future appear dim.

Apparently, capitalism cannot possibly provide the type of leadership where humanness can spread. Modern states founded upon the violence of subjugation, the most irrational of all premises, now try to dictate morality to the former colonized world. We who are deemed savages continue to see our families, communities and lands destabilized and rent asunder by a social system that has little regard for human life but respects profit-making.

Jimi Hendrix said something which people have begun to repeat more and more these days: “When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, the World will then know Peace.” The more folks who take that to heart, the easier it will be to take the big step when it comes time to make the turn away from this tragedy of a social system.

For those who think they kno the answers, the crisis in thinking strikes the sober masses as hard as it explodes upside anyone else’s head. For them who believe they have another solution and another map to the future, they must answer just one simple question.

Whose existence is more crucial to society, the banker or the farmer, the worker or the boss?

Get it right, because those are the choices the financial meltdown offers us. Save those who print the paper or help those who grow the food; hold onto these who build cities and homes, or the ones who make the profit. If we can survive without a profit motive, and if we can eliminate vice and greed for worthless paper by doing away with dollarism, we need to make a decision at the turning point in history. Ubuntu for Humanness: it sounds crazy, but it just might work.