1. A couple of excellent articles from The African Executive: Al-Bashir Indictment: The ICC is Hypocritical” and International Women’s Day: Men Have No Excuse”
  2. Crossed Crocodiles uncovers “Guantanamo in Ethiopia”
  3. I saw this Zambian economist and author Dambisa Moyo debate the issue of how developmental aid has stagnated Africa on BBC’s “HardTalk”. Thanks to Desire Katihabwa for forwarding this article to me: “Stop giving aid to Africa. It’s just not working”
  4. An interesting and controversial article in French on President Obama: “Obama, un blanc déguisé en noir”. Thanks again to Desire Katihabwa for forwarding this article.  
  5. Sister Sonskystar at Did She Say That tackles the Chris Brown and Rhianna saga in her own patented way: “Rhianna’s Back With Chris Brown: The Public Is Outraged”
  6. An Op-ed submission from The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives: Project 21. A New Visions commentary by Bishop Council Nedd II: “Real Stimulus: Reform How Banks Shop Credit Cards”

  7. Is the NAACP becoming relevant again!? “NAACP Files Landmark Lawsuit Today Against Wells Fargo and HSBC”