“Field is celebrating his one year anniversary as a blogger. He mused how black conversatives have their own network thang together, but apparently, black progressives don’t. This is important.

We are the ones who will vision the future. Conservatives, by definition, are reformist, they want to preserve the system/status quo. They want their lil negro cut of the pie, even if it is arsenic for the rest of us and the Planet.

How can we use our brains and voices to create what is wholly absent: a black progressive movement?

I know I can complain and point out racism’s finer points fairly well; where is that getting us and me? Is our race in crisis or what? Has the prison-industrial complex collapsed and I missed it? The plantation in 2007 is in the prisonyard – ya’ll realize that prisons are doing more business on the inside than Eli Whitney!

Its like the prison guard in Slam: “They are wiping out our race…and you’re sitting around here playing these silly-ass games.”

The ‘AfroSphere’ (Asabagna’s invention) must become an Afro-Spear, carving a path for our people into this 21st Century.

Black Progressive Blogger Organizing Conference anyone?”
thefreeslave 30th March 2007

So began the journey of the AfroSpear, conceived two years ago on this date. Three days later, we had our first post on this blog. I missed recognizing the first anniversary last year, so I made it a point to remember to acknowledge it this year.

The whole process and journey has been fulfilling and eye-opening. No doubt at times it has been “trying”, especially coming up against those who’s primary objective was to cause dissention among us and destroy the vision of the AfroSpear. Ironically, in their own way they inspired us to keep doing what we were doing. But this is not about them and as my brother thefreeslave recently stated: “I ain’t mad at yah!”

I need to acknowledge and give mad props and love to a number of people, who without their efforts, this would never have happened… nor continued to today.

First and foremost, to the other original five members who took the idea of the AfroSpear and started this blog: Sylvia, Aulelia, Kizzie, thefreeslave and the Field Negro. Special props to Sylvia, who did a lot to get this blog and the vision of the AfroSpear rolling. She scripted the “Mission Statement” and started the googlegroup as a forum for those in the AfroSphere who wanted to be a part of the AfroSpear vision.

I need to also acknowledge the contributions of Tafari (we still need you man), Lovebabz and Belizebound to this blog. There are also those who supported and encouraged us through the good and bad times, as well as those who support and encourage us today. A sincere “thank you all”, especially to Angie (Nuvision), Ensayn Reality, Wayne (Electronic Village) and Desire Katihabwa. 

Lastly, I need to give a hug, dap, kiss and heart felt “thank you”, to the current contributors who are keeping the vision and this blog alive: Adrianne, Aulelia, Brotherpeacemaker, Lubangakene (aka thefreeslave, aka Julian), Ishkandar Langalibalele and Nkawzi N. Mhango. A special appreciation to Adrianne and Brotherpeacemaker, who encouraged me to keep the blog going when I was seriously considering shutting it down at the beginning of this year. You were right… in it’s own way, this little forum has relevance and provides inspiration throughout the AfroSphere. AND IT’S GROWING! 

We are still humbly a work in progress… and for me it’s still a labour of love. Hopefully Lubangakene… someday we will host an AfroSpear conference.

Happy 2nd anniversary AfroSpear!