The hip-nosis: Analysis nonsensical paralysis negritude nullified by a new world order POTUS rippin’ the fraudulent mike, puttin’ a sleeper hold on the people’s domepiece.

The spirit: DOA from too little R-E-A-D-I-N-G, R-E-A-S-O-N-I-N-G in Tut’s tomb, your inner catacombs.

Ali told Frazier that he would see all that his eyes would allow him to see.

Why can’t your no ‘count eyes see behind the beige, colored boy curtain?

The forest-green Courvoisier keeps hitting some of us upside the head with its 100 proof trees and ‘a thousand too many’ highs.

Remove the red, black and green blindfold, African.

Back the ‘F’ up.

Enter the Dragon.

“Don’t think – FEEL!”

“Hurt muthafucka, HURT!!”

Who gets the money from Black Jesus?!

Show me the money and I’ll show you a con man, flim flam, heavyweight champiAN, hoodwinking the racially hoodwinkable, skin deep, scam sleep, paradigm prisoners.

You say be patient and I say I told you so.

Stevie said “You haven’t done nuthin.”

I say, “you haven’t got nothing,” nothing to show for your logical fallacy, race loyalty, cranial self-lobotomy.

Stop being an intellectual panhandler.

Find the truth and the kingdom within.