Last weekend, I went with a close friend of mine at a hair salon in east London. My friend was getting a weave done, however, just sitting with her was such a ripe opportunity for me to observe how some black women act within the space of the hair salon.

10. The sharp smell of smoke that was piping out of one patron’s head as she sat underneath the dryer! I never noticed how thick the plumes of smoke can get.

9. How the rattail combs poke in and out of people’s heads as they undo their braids underneath their long weaves.

8. The stitching together of weaves could be a metaphor of how we need to stick together as black people.

7. The hot comb in its’ burning parlour sticks to the hands of the stylists as they form curls and straighten them for paying customers.

6. The glee of young children running around the salon, as their mums wait to get served.

5. All the stylists (more than 5) had relaxed hair bar one.

4. The sandy-coloured barnet of one stylists is the lightest in the room.

3. The unveiling of a long weave by one patron, track-by-track, reveals a much shorter do. She instantly looked uncomfortable.

2. The only males present are the babies.

1. I’m the only Afro girl present.