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Tonight after class, I was winding down my evening and catching up on email when I got a tacky press release from Turner-Time/Warner. The message came around 9:11pm, and it was a notification of Roland Martin taking over Campbell Brown’s (on maternity leave) spot on CNN’s “No Bias, No Bull” program.

First off, why the day late & dollar short notice? Why not notify days before? Second, why did I have to hear this news hours earlier from Farai Chideya via Twitter?

I was so put off by the email notice that I responded back by asking “why are you informing bloggers so late after his first appearance & why is this release in all caps? I wonder If I will hear back.

After I got past my issues with the communiqué, I joked to myself “D.L. “the fool” Hughley out, Roland Martin in (temporarily).” Hmmmm!

With all this said, I’m happy for Martin getting his shine on, but why is that CNN cannot offer more diversity after 4pm. CNN has a virtual brown out in terms of a minority presence during weekday evenings. Well I guess maybe I should not complain about CNN’s diversity because they do have a female anchor (CB), 2 senior citizens (LD & LK) and a gay man (AC). Diverse? Yes! All white? Yes! Occasional Negro presence? Yes! Makes me compelled to watch” No!

After the election, CNN went back to the ole okie doke when it was the darkest network on cable during the 2008 election cycle; now, not so much. Yeah, they gave us D.L., but that was giving us shit. We deserve more, we have a Black president bitch. We don’t need a coon offering a raunchy brand of edutainment.

I think I sound a little bitter here & at the end of the day, my thoughts don’t matter in the big picture. Mainstream media will never end their bait & switch tactics.

I’m just saying!