I began reading “The Shock Doctrine” a couple of days ago and was struck at the author’s premise: that governments and the bankers and financiers who manipulate them use traumatic, catastrophic events to push through draconian measures that reduce liberty and siphon more and more resources away from the people and hand them to the rich.  That ain’t hard for a brother to swallow.

I remember reading how profiteers  made big money selling bad weapons  during the Civil War, and how many wars and events, including World Wars I & II and the Great Depression were actually triggered by the scientific, invisible hand of the financial interests who knew that nothing earns like a country that burns.   It ain’t hard to tell.

So, I chuckled when Naomi Klein, author of the “Shock Doctrine” suggests that while the Bush Administration quickly took advantage of the attacks on 911, they certainly didn’t cause them.  Really?!  Why is that?  Is there not evidence that suggests that that very thing is possible?  Is it easier to believe that 19 brown skinned men, led by the Devil himself, from a fiery cave in Afghanistan was able to out-think the most sophisticated security apparutus on the planet?!

Racism and rampant brainwashing explain how people can think that Bush and the crew wouldn’t harm American citizens, but would have a plan at the ready just in case something a gift from God happened on their watch; on the other hand, the same government can preside over the murders of over a million Iraqis and the deaths of some 5000 US soldiers/contractors, but that’s coincidence.  Are US soldiers not US citizens?  Are  Iraqis not people?

How can any intelligent person, then, believe that the architects who capitalized on 911 could not have been  capable of planning it – to the tune of billions????

Today, my friends, I offer you a crash course in 911 science.  These folks be dropping knowledge that some, if not most of you, DON’T want to hear – and fear.  Because, if our country, if our government is capable of doing this kind of dirt, that means they will – and probably are – doing worse to your black azz right now and in perpetuity.  You just don’t know it yet.

Grab yo’ popcorn, homies, keep an open mind and peep this:

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