A worthwhile endeavor being organized by Africanamericanpoliticalpundit:

Afrospear Fam, 
As a folow-up to my recent conversation with Wayne Hicks (aka Villager) at Electronic Village regarding the continued spiral (upward) of blacks being killed by police with tasers. We both agreed that it was time to have another day of blogging for Justice.
As you know The UN’s Committee Against Torture has declared that Taser use can constitute a form of torture, while USA: Amnesty International has a on-going concern about the use of tasers. With all the conversation about the Bush torture memos and torture in the United States, It may be the best time to bring up the issue of torture of black folks by Taser. With so many deaths occuring at the hands of police by taser use and abuse, I would like to ask everyone in the afrospear family to blog about the continued pre-trial electrocution of black children, women and men by taser. 
Let’s call it:
“A day of blogging forjustice: Standing up against the police pre-trial electrocution of black children, women and men by taser.”
This effort could take place on Friday April 24, 2009. I hope you can join us. You know how we do it. Everyone post a blog post about the Afrospears “A day of blogging for justice: Standing up against the police pre-trial electrocution of black children, women and men by taser.” Within the blog post do your thing. Talk about any of the cases or your concerns about the Tasering of blacks folks. 
If you agree to blog on Friday April 24th please send me an email at AfricanAmericanPoliticalPundit@gmail.com and also send this afrospear google group a link to your post.
Thanks, I know hope we can count on you.
PS: Here is just a few examples of black and other bloggers who have been reporting on the tasing of black folks in the United States and Canada. You can always go to Electronic Village, Tasered While Black, Pam’s House Blend, Electrocuted While Black for further examples.