Looks play a massive part in why black singers/actresses make it or not and it is no secret that sexiness/sexuality/sensuality/whatever you want to call it is needed in spades to make it. Let’s face it, we are human beings, and most humans are powered by sex. Anything that looks sexy will get noticed. What I don’t understand is when people make it seem like black women are not sexy or black women should not be sexy. What the hell? Black women are women, and it is a fallacy to think that women are not sexual creatures.


The image above is from the June ’09 issue of Glamour magazine as Beyoncéwas on the cover, and she is my favourite singer. I love the scan above because I think it is empowering [to me at least]. I think the thigh high boots, the t-shirt and the laid-back almost ”I don’t care look” – and that is what is confident and empowering to me – it’s important for women and especially black women not to be scared to portray their sexuality (as long as it is in context and makes them comfortable).

For example, I think the thigh high boots are wicked. I would love to wear them. I would probably wear them if I was going out with my friends to a a club, out for a day excursion, but I would never wear them to church or to my mum’s house. As with all things, sexuality/sensuality has appropriate boundaries.

I think as black women we must strive not to put ourselves in a box because of our sexuality, fearing too much what the men next door or below will think. Sexuality is part of our human coding, just as much as PHP is part of WordPress. Why suppress it?