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Yes boo, that is a tattoo of a swastika tattooed on a shell of a Black man wearing pink polka dot panties! I say shell of a Black man for obvious reasons (no offense to cross dressing or LGBTQ readers or men who love to wear pink polka dot panties).

I took this image Sunday while at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

As I was getting ready to go home & packing up my camera, these two guys shouted, “hey, take our picture”. When I got a glimpse of them, I was like oh, OK.

Then they start posing & shit. Next thing you know, the Black guy drops his jacket & gave me more than I bargained for.

First, I saw the panties, then I looked up to see the swastika tattooed on his back. I was so shocked that I could not react other than hitting my shutter button.

Typically, if I see something of interest, I will ask the person about whatever, but I just could not with this guy. Not because I did not want to, but because, I was too out done.

What would drive a Black man (a sane one) to get a swastika eternally inked on his body? This guy obviously has other issues going on.

I’m just saying!

Side note: I talked to a friend about this image & the swastika earlier today & her curiosity led her to this website: http://www.proswastika.org

What are your thoughts? And if you visited the site motioned above or are familiar with the swastika symbol, what’s your interpretation here?

Hot mess or deeper meaning???