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The latest white woman & child abduction in Pennsylvania has my blood on a slow simmer after it had been boiling all morning.

When Bonnie Sweeten stated that she along with her 9 year old daughter were abducted by black assailants pushing a Cadillac [that was sitting on 24s with spinning rims (I just made that up)], my eye brow raised in much skepticism, but still I was concerned for her.

Today we learn that she was not abducted and was chillaxing in a hotel near Disney World. What the fuck? Are you kidding me? There was really no big bad Negro involved, no, not at all???

It really pisses me off how (some) white women & or white men blame black or brown men for acting out fabricated crimes; be it rape, assault, robbery etc.

Pissing me off even more are the comments that I’ve read online from white respondents who have stated that they saw no issue with this crime being blamed on black men because of other socio-economic/political factors.

When will the caricature of the big bad black & brown man end?

And seriously speaking, what are the chances that a black or brown man will abduct an anonymous white woman with or without a kid in tow, especially in broad daylight? PLEASE!

The funny thing about this & other Susan Smith/Jennifer Willbanks(esque) situations is that it leaves the media with egg on their face as they aid in the search for the dark imaginary assailant(s). On the opposite side of the spectrum, these cases force people in the affected community to deal with racial issues whether they want to or not.

I wonder how Nancy Grace will react to this development tonight.